Do you know what the weather's going to be like this winter?


None of us really do.

But you can be prepared for the worst
and change your driving style to suit
the conditions.

We are here to help you get through
the winter safely. We've got driving
techniques for every adverse weather
condition and will help you prepare
your car for winter. You can even
check the weather forecast.

If you enjoy driving then the IAM is for
you. Our members, groups and
coaches across the country have your
safety at heart. If you want to know
more about advanced driving, improving
your skills or have a question about
driving in the winter, just ask us.
And if you take one tip from us, make it
this one:

If the weather's bad, ask yourself if you
really need to make the journey.  

  • fuel-saving tip:de-ice the windows before you start the engine.
    window heaters burn fuel so:don’t keep wet clothes in the car, they cause misty windows
    fuel-saving tips:drive the car as soon as you start the engine
    diesel starts freezing in very low temperatures:which can damage your engine
    fuel-saving tips:keep the car warmer in the garage
    window heaters burn fuel so:dry out your floor mats
    it takes two miles for an engine to warm up:so walk short distances
    pop goes the diesel:lorries with exposed fuel tanks are most at risk
    fuel-saving tips:wear warm clothes
    Diesel:keep the tank full to avoid freezing condensation on the inside
    to help stop condensation and ice:clean inside and outside your windows
    pop goes the diesel:diesel sold in winter contains chemicals to stop it freezing
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