Mission Statement

Driving Advice, based in the UK, has been chartered to help parents educate, mentor, manage and monitor their teen drivers.

We provide parents of teen drivers with tools, services and technology solutions they need to monitor the driving habits of their young drivers. With the help of parents, teen drivers can enjoy enhanced safety, security and protection.

Our Promise

To that end we are involved in several initiatives.

Using various technologies and systems that report driving behavior, as well as legal and roadside assistance programs, parents can not only manage their teen’s driving performance; they can also defend and protect their teens when driving incidents occur.

Simultaneously, Driving Advice delivers persuasive, educational content to teens to further drive home important ideas that can change attitudes and perceptions of young people leading to changes in behavior. We believe that teens talking to teens about safe driving is an effective way to improve actual on-the-road behavior. To that end, teen advocacy programs designed to meet that goal are planned in connection with high schools, driving schools, educators, parents, teens and others who share concerns about the high fatality rate among our young drivers.

In 2019 we conducted a web-based survey of parents with teens – both teen drivers and those about to begin driving. The survey provided important qualitative data reflecting parental attitudes toward teen driving. Additional periodic surveys are planned to evaluate the impact Driving Safe initiatives have on teen accident and fatality rates. We encourage readers to contribute their views during these occasional surveys.

Finally, Driving Advice has chosen to support not-for-profit organisations that help and support young people and their families. Driving Advice reviews candidate organisations periodically, and supports those chosen by donating a portion of its annual income. As a member of the Driving Advice family, you can feel confident that your purchases are supporting charitable organisations doing important work with young people.

Our Team

Driving Advice is managed by a core team of professional driving instructors who have a combined 35 years experience teaching young people how to drive safely.

Dean Pulman

Principle Editor

Dean has moonlighted as a writer and editor since college, when she edited the papers of fellow students. Having trained as a driving instructor and helped students pass their driving test for 10 years, Dean is now the full time Principle Editor for Driving Advice.  It is Dean’s responsibility to ensure quality and oversee all of the Driving Advice initiatives.

Mat Stephens

Driving Instructor

Mat has more than 15 years experience teaching students to drive safely in one of the worlds busiest places, London.  With more than 400 people killed or seriously injured in road accidents in the UK’s capital each month, Mat has made it his mission to help young people drive responsibly and safely, so they are not part of the statistics!


  • London

Bethany Pulman

Driving Instructor

Bethany has been a driving instructor for 10 years and is not about to give up any time soon.  She has a real passion for teaching teenagers the joys of driving and instilling in them not only a love of driving, but also a desire to remain safe on the road.


  • Leeds

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