christmas- drink and drugs

  • You are likely to be breathalysed if you are involved in an accident. Don't take the chance or somebody else's mistake might become your problem
  • A drinking session the night before can put you over the limit the morning after.
  • Don't try and calculate yourself whether or not you are over the limit
  • Drinks poured at home are usually larger than stingy pub measures
  • Watch the swift half after work.
  • Many medicines may affect your driving even when you feel fine
  • When you take a new medicine, ask the doctor or chemist about side effects
  • Check the labels for side effects
  • Tell your doctor or chemist if you drive for work
  • If your medicine makes you dizzy or drowsy and you need to drive, talk to your doctor about taking another medicine which doesn't have these effects
  • just don't drive
  • the effects vary from person to person and can last for days
  • the effects can be difficult for you to judge

Winter is the season for parties as well as colds and flu. But did you know that driving while unfit through drugs, whether illegal, prescribed or over-the-counter, is an offence which carries the same penalty as drink driving?