in the bleak midwinter - low sun

  • keep sunglasses in the car all year round
  • low sun and dirty windscreens means more risk of being dazzled as the sun catches the dirt on the screen
  • clean your windows - inside and out -- and mirrors at least once a week
  • keep your washer bottles topped up with screenwash
  • change your windscreen wipers every year
  • if the sun is behind you, it's in the eyes of drivers coming towards you and they might not see you
  • don't look directly at the sun


  • if you can't see, slow down
  • keep an eye on the vehicle behind, in case you're not seen against the sun
  • low sun behind can dazzle you through your mirrors so be ready to dip the mirror and check over your shoulder for vehicles in your blind spot
  • if you see shadows ahead across your path, make sure you can see into them and slow down before you reach them



Driving into low sun is hazardous and a contributory factor in road accidents.