in the bleak midwinter - rain

  • make sure the wipers are clean and in good condition
  • keep the windscreen washer filled
  • clean the windows - inside and out
  • torrential rain makes the car mist up in seconds - set the heater or demister controls before you set off
  • if you see water pooling or streaming across the road, don't brake or accelerate onto it
  • don't use cruise control on wet roads - it may create problems if you start to aquaplane
  • slow down and give yourself more time
  • drop back from the spray from the vehicle in front
  • turn on your headlights whenever you need to use your wipers
  • slow down, look ahead and increase your following distance
  • make allowances for other road users
  • a suddenly very wet road surface increases your chances of slipping when braking or steering
  • on water, ease off the accelerator, grip the steering wheel firmly and try to steer straight ahead
  • on motorways, put your wipers on their fastest setting before overtaking



In stormy conditions, it is more difficult to see other vehicles, road signs and the road itself. Make sure you can see and be seen.