Do you know what the weather’s going to be like this winter?  None of us really do.

But you can be prepared for the worst and change your driving style to suit the conditions.

winter driving guide

Free Winter Driving Guide

Our free winter driving guide has been designed to help you stay safe when driving this winter, and provide you with tips of how to handle whatever the weather throws at us, so you get to your destination safely.  You can view the full guide on our website by visiting the pages below, or you can download the PDF version of the guide here.

Here to help

We are here to help you get through the winter safely. We’ve got driving techniques for every adverse weather condition and will help you prepare your car for winter. You can even check the weather forecast.

If you enjoy driving then Driving Advice is for you. Our members, groups and coaches across the country have your safety at heart. If you want to know more about advanced driving, improving your skills or have a question about driving in the winter, just ask us.

Number One Driving Tip

And if you take one tip from us, make it this one:

If the weather’s bad, ask yourself if you really need to make the journey.