Distractions believe it or not account for over 25% of all accidents so it’s real important to study this article and remember all that I bring up here!

Common Driving Distractions

So below I have listed as many of the common distractions that I have noticed over the years that should help you while you are driving.

Mobile Phone

  • Of course the single biggest distraction will be…drum roll here…the cell phone! No other devise developed by mankind has caused more accidents/injuries and often times death then this little product. It’s so important that I have devoted a whole section to it and you will learn much more in the next article.


  • Next let’s discuss the radio/CD player/etc as they are a huge distraction when played at a level that the next county can hear. Now don’t get me wrong and take me as an old guy who does not understand one of the best things about heading out to drive is to listen to your favorite music however just don’t play it at levels that distract you.

Singing along to your favorite song and remembering special times with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you first heard them well you do tend to lose your concentration of the task at hand…driving!

Flipping through your CD library or scanning radio stations will keep your eyes off the road and that’s not a good thing while driving your 3,500 lbs of metal at 60+ mph. Please just maintain a level of volume that does not cause you to keep your mind off the road.

Girlfriends & Boyfriends

  • Well let’s talk about your boyfriend or girlfriend as be assured they too will be a huge distraction while you drive…like it or not! Don’t get me wrong being in love is a great thing however while driving you will find yourself engulfed in heavy conversations, kissing, cuddling and the inevitable fight that all will cause you to take your mind off the road and others around you.


  • Multiple passengers will also cause you to be distracted by all the conversations that are going on in both the front and back seats. Many times you will find yourself spending too much time looking in the rear view mirror while you carry on a conversation with your friend in the back seat. The problem is there is a road and traffic and an assortment of other things going on in front of you that you need to be paying attention to.


  • pet distractionsHow about we talk about you and your pets as passengers and the trouble they potentially will cause. Having your dog or cat on your lap or running free throughout the car might seem “cute” but this is not the place for them. The thought of a small dog or cat getting caught between you and your gas/brake pedals and what can result from that should be enough of a danger so don’t do it for your sake as well as mine! If you must travel with your pet please get them a travel crate so you will have limited distractions from them while you drive.


  • Eating while driving is another area for consideration that you need to be aware of. I have been guilty of this many times throughout all my travels as I tried to drive from one sales call to another and thought it was a good time saver. However I have tried my best to limit this over the years and you need to also especially for new/rookie drivers.

What I will suggest is you limit this habit and be careful of what you might be eating that will take your mind and eyes off the road. In summary this is not the time to go through a drive in and get a triple cheeseburger with all the fixings and attempt to eat this with both your hands while driving down the road…you just can’t do this safely!


  • makeup distractionsOK girls let me pick on you and your habit of applying makeup while you drive down the road on the way to work! Since us guys rarely do this well I have seen this happen over and over again with girls/women almost every morning while I am out driving. Watching them apply their make up while looking in the rearview mirror is beyond my understanding/comprehension given there is so much going on in front of you! All I can ask here is for you to limit it and get up a few minutes earlier in the morning to do before leaving for work as I really don’t need you rear ending me.


  • This might be an area that you cannot imagine but I see it quite often and I will pick on the guys here who do this more than women…reading while driving! It just blows my mind while driving out on the highway or in heavy traffic that people will actually take the time to read their favorite book or morning newspaper. There is no way you can safely operate/drive a car while keeping up with all that is going on around you and be reading. Please read your book/newspaper at home or in the office or in your hotel if you are traveling PLEASE!


  • And finally for the latest distraction that I see popping up because of the new toys that we play with and use while driving…yes the laptop! Watching people trying to read emails, spreadsheets or surfing the web on their laptops while driving is just beyond me. Quit it!