You may be just preparing for a driving test. It’s a nervous time for you and you really want to get that driving test pass certificate.

So here’s my 8 tips on how to pass a driving test:

1. Make sure that you are ready for your test

You should be able to deal with any situation that comes up without any help. Ask yourself am I ready to go it alone or do I still need to be told what to do. Can you sit the driving test and pass it on your own?

2. Drive like a computer!

A computer doesn’t make mistakes. It does exactly what the programme it is running tells it to do. Your car will do exactly what you tell it to do so make sure that you have a systematic approach to your driving. Passing a driving test is easy, simply keep to the routines that you have learnt and the car will get through the problem safely.

3. Be alert

Keep your eyes moving from side to side like a radar. The problem might not be in the road, it could be on the path or a side road. Expect the unexpected and as soon as you see a problem use your Mirror, Signal, then Maneuver until the problem has passed.

4. Use your gas

Don’t move off with just a high clutch, If you are nervous on the test your left foot will start to wobble and you will stall. This may prevent you from getting to pass your driving test. Practice setting the gas and using a lower clutch so if your foot wobbles you will still have the gas and not stall.

5. Get control of those around you

Make sure that other road users know exactly what you are doing. If there is a problem ahead get your brake lights on and get control of the car behind. Make sure that they are looking at you by checking your mirrors. Miss looking at your mirror five times and you won’t pass your driving test.

6. Drive smoothly

A smooth driver is able to take the car through any situation without being bumpy or jerky. This requires excellent observation skills and starting to change the cars speed early with gentle braking. When you start to brake, start softly and the gradually increase the pressure. Sudden movements of the pedals and steering wheel will give an uncomfortable ride.

7. Know your reversing skills

You must be able to do all of the reversing exercises in your sleep. They take up only 3 minutes of the 40 minutes of the test but it is where the pressure is on so you must be able to do them all. Also practice `getting out of jail` by deliberately getting it wrong and working out how to get it back on track again.

Remember, if it is going wrong you are allowed to go back to the beginning and put the problem right. It is better getting a minor fault for going back than getting a serious fault for carrying on and getting into more problems. So are you ready to pass a driving test?

8. What does the examiner want to see?

In a nutshell he or she is looking for someone who is ready to be left on their own on the roads. Someone who has good driving skills, understands and follows the rules of the road and drives the car courteously, economically and smoothly.

The test is only 40 minutes long so you haven’t got that long to impress so right from the start you have to be on the ball and deliver the standard required. Leave them in no doubt that you are all of the above.

He or she has everything with them to give you that pass and it is only your driving that can take that pass away from you.


There you have it! The ‘secrets’ of how to pass a driving test. Read over this article again until you have it internalized. Remembering this rules will make passing a driving test a piece of cake.